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About Us

About Us

Hello, we are FH560

We capture the extraordinary experiences, memories, and culture Fountain Hills has to offer in our designs.

We are a locally owned family business specializing in Fountain Hills inspired merchandise and souvenirs.  We offer a delightful array of unique goods and gifts with fun Fountain Hills, themed designs for residents and visitors of this great town. 

We are deeply passionate about this community.  Countless times over the years we’ve walked around Fountain Hills Park with our dog.  We have enjoyed the scenery, greenery and of course the fountain.  We’ve hiked, biked, played rounds of golf and even some disc golf.  Many nights have been spent looking up at the spectacular starry sky.  Sunrise and sunset on most days are just as dreamy.  The wildlife here is on a whole different level.  Over the course of a day you can see wild horses, javelinas, bobcats, coyotes, lizards, too many birds to name and so much more. 

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About Us

Fountain Hills is home to some great locally owned businesses, restaurants and shops.  The festivals, car shows and farmers markets are events that bring excitement to the community and beyond. 

We enjoy supporting the local businesses that help create the unique identity, ethos and community vibe of Fountain Hills.   We love our small town nestled within the foothills of a big city and hope through our thoughtfully designed products you will too. 

We invite you to visit our online boutique and come see us at local events.  Stay up to date with FH560 Fresh designs, promotions and where we’ll be next by following our socials.

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